Bright New Year Note

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Dear Nancy and Ron,

Words cannot begin to thank you enough for the kind and generous gift you sent to my son Bobby. It touched my heart so to read your testimony of your beautiful son, John.
Our journey began on April 7, 2016, when my son Bobby was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. Being a single mom, I had to take a leave from my job to care for Bobby during his illness. I was out of work for over a year caring for Bobby. Without the help of such caring friends and foundations such as yours, we would have never made it.
I thank you with all my heart for this gift you sent us that was sent with such love and hope from your son, John. He is definitely living through you and your Foundation.
This gift has truly eased my burdens this holiday season.

Courage through it all

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Dear Nancy and Ron,

We can’t begin to thank you enough for your very kind and generous gift to our family. As with all families who learn that their child has cancer, our world was turned upside down the moment our son, Leo, received the diagnosis of Hodgkins Lymphoma. Life as we knew it for our very busy family of seven came to an abrupt halt as we all had to learn to adjust home, school and work schedules to focus on helping Leo to fight the cancer. The demands that a cancer diagnosis puts on a family are great.  There are enormous physical, emotional and financial pressures. Through it all, Leo has shown an amazing level of strength, determination and courage. He has a maturity well beyond his 17 years.

Providing love along the way

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To the wonderful volunteers at the John Shapiro Superhero Foundation,
Words cannot even express how thankful my family and I are for the wonderful donation that was given to us. This money has eased some of the financial burden surrounding our 3-year-old son’s cancer treatment. He has been battling ATRT, which is a rare form of brain cancer for the past year and a half. It has been extremely tough emotionally and financially but it helps tremendously to have family, friends and volunteers to support and provide love along the way.
Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.
God Bless,
Michael and Janine Abate (Anthony’s parents)

Helping Others on the Journey

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Nancy, Ron and John Shapiro Superheroes Foundation:

We have walked this journey a long time.  There have been numerous scares, numerous moments when we fell down, and unfortunately still an uncertain future.  Words  cannot express the appreciation and love our family feels toward your entire family and your ongoing commitment to support our family.

Like the feelings of so many, John won my heart from the minute I met him.  He quickly entrenched himself deep into my heart and his memory is a source of love.  Thank you for sharing your journey with our family and for remaining committed to the cause which takes so much, but also can restore many.

Thank you for all your hard work to make the Foundation a success and for giving back to so many!!

All our love,

Nicole R


John’s Legacy Touches Many

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Dear Nancy & Ron,
We cannot begin to thank you enough for the extreme generosity of the John Shapiro’s Superheroes Foundation.
Our journey began on September 23, 2015, when our 7 year old daughter, Maddie was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. Over the course of the past 14 months we have been in awe of the strength of our little girl. We could not be more proud of our little warrior & her very strong & supportive sisters; Abby (10 years old) & Isabelle (6 years old). Maddie has led us through this journey with grace, strength, bravery and courage. Along the way our family has been inspired by the kindness of others.
Most recently, our family has been blessed to receive the support of your foundation, The John Shapiro Superheroes. We are privileged to be a recipient of your Foundation’s generosity. We admire your ability to honor your son, John, in a way that supports families, like ours, struggling with the affects of childhood cancer. We are forever grateful that our family was touched by John’s legacy and are honored to be the recipients of a gift that exemplifies such extreme generosity and kindness. We are forever grateful.

With Sincere Appreciation,
Christine & Harry Swenson
Abigail, Madeline & Isabelle

New Wheels for Sydni

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Dearest Nancy and the John Shapiro’s Superheroes Foundation,

It was such an overwhelming surprise to receive your generous donation to assist my family with obtaining a wheelchair van for my 12 year old daughter Sydni.

At two months old Sydni was diagnosed with a rare and malignant brain tumor. She endured extensive chemotherapy, surgeries and hospitalizations and as a result , was left with many disabilities. Today Sydni is happy, thriving, and cancer free but we found ourselves desperately in need of a new wheelchair van to fit her supportive equipment, allow her to be safely monitored during transport, and to get her to and from her countless doctors appointments, therapies and family activities. Modified vans are expensive and I was overwhelmed with the daunting task of trying to find funds to aide us with this large purchase. At times it seems like a hopeless endeavor. Your donation changed that and has helped make this dream a reality.

I will remain forever grateful to you and your foundation for reaching out to us in our time of need. Just yesterday we were able to put down a deposit on her van and start the modification process. By Christmas and before the crazy winter weather hits, we should have Sydni’s new safe wheels.

With much love, appreciation and gratitude,

Cathy, Sydni and family

Running for Max

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Dearest Nancy and John Shapiro Superheroes Foundation,

We cannot adequately express the gratitude that we feel for the generous support you all have given to us.

When our son, Max was diagnosed last May with ALL, Nancy immediately reached out to us with the available support that we needed to know existed.  Overwhelmed and surreal was how we felt initially.  Through this foundation, our work and family communities, and many people we didn’t know until now changed that feeling for us to something we will never forget.

Our son was in the hospital for the first 7.5 weeks.  The Third Annual John Shapiro’s Superheroes 5K on June 6 was a moment we could leave the hospital and run for a cause that was now very close to home for us.  Although only one of us was able to participate, the three of us were there in spirit fighting for what John and many others have faced.

We thank you for including us in your mission and are touched to no end for the endless support John’s Foundation has given to us and many other families in trying times.

Looking forward to enjoying the morning at the Fourth Annual John Shapiro Superheroes 5K, this year together!

With much love,

Michael, Kristy, and Max Cassano

How the Foundation Helps

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I just wanted to thank you so much for the money you gave us. We were behind on all our bills and the money came at the right moment.

Every year I worry where we are going to get the money to fill our oil tank, its one of my biggest worries, But I didn’t have to worry this time. I will never be able to thank you enough.

Horseback riding therapy

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Thank you, John Shapiro’s Superheroes. You have made such a difference in our lives. My daughter, Hailey, was diagnosed with her brain tumor many years ago. She has undergone many things to stop the tumor from growing – surgeries, radiation, and many, different chemotherapies. Her treatment has left her with many chronic health issues. We spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to numerous doctors’ appointments managing her many health issues. Appointments, therapy and school leave Hailey with little time to do fun things. Health insurance helps us cover some, but not all, of the medical costs. Many things that could help are not covered by insurance.

Hailey is doing horseback riding therapy which is exercise needed to prevent her muscle weakness and tone issues, but she sees it as more fun than anything else. We are also looking to get Hailey a service dog to help her become even more independent. Your donation is helping us cover some of these costs.

Thank you so much!

– Lisa Giguere

Gratitude from CHOP

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Dear Nancy,

We wanted to take this time to express our tremendous thanks to you in writing for the support of several of our PACT patients and families. Families receiving palliative care services usually have tremendous needs. Caregivers often need to be at their child’s beside 24/7. Your generous donations have allowed families to be with their children by helping them to pay their utility bills, put gas in their cars and put food on their tables.

We wish we could accurately describe the moment we let families know each donation would be coming. There were tears, smiles and mostly, visible relief from families in great need. Your contributions were so great, that the parents had a hard time believing it could be true. It brought energy to tired families and also to the staff that are providing care to them on a daily basis. We are reminded that there are truly good people that remain in this world.

We are tremendously thankful for your generous donations. We continue to be honored to support families in memory of your son, John. The breadth and meaning it has for families receiving pediatric palliative care services cannot be typed into words.


Dana Dombrowski, MSW, LSW
Social Worker
Pediatric Advanced Care Team
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia