Mikayla’s Journey

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Thank you John Shapiro Superhero Foundation for picking Mikayla to donate to! We are truly honored that you picked her.
Mikayla was first diagnosed with Medullablastoma in 2014 at CHOP and after treatment was in remission for 3 years.
This spring, Mikayla was unfortunately diagnosed with a new cancer, Osteosarcoma, at CHOP. Her cancer was in her sacrum and wrapped around her spinal cord. In order to treat it, she had to go through chemo and the tumor had to be completely removed. Due to the seriousness of her cancer and location, her surgery would be very difficult. For months we were searching for a surgeon who would remove it and after contacting several surgeons and traveling to several locations, the only place that would do it was MD Anderson in Houston.
Mikayla’s 30 hour surgery was done on Nov 6th and 7th and entailed over 30 surgeons, doctors, nurses and staff. Unfortunately it made her paralyzed in several areas. We are still in Houston healing and participating in some major rehab. Mikayla will also have to do a couple of rounds chemo here.
Since I have not been able to work and my husband has had to take off for several occasions, your donation has been very helpful towards our travel and living expenses, medical bills and other bills.
It is truly wonderful that you have this Foundation to help children like Mikayla. Thanks again for your generosity.


Mikayla & Family