Running for Max

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Dearest Nancy and John Shapiro Superheroes Foundation,

We cannot adequately express the gratitude that we feel for the generous support you all have given to us.

When our son, Max was diagnosed last May with ALL, Nancy immediately reached out to us with the available support that we needed to know existed.  Overwhelmed and surreal was how we felt initially.  Through this foundation, our work and family communities, and many people we didn’t know until now changed that feeling for us to something we will never forget.

Our son was in the hospital for the first 7.5 weeks.  The Third Annual John Shapiro’s Superheroes 5K on June 6 was a moment we could leave the hospital and run for a cause that was now very close to home for us.  Although only one of us was able to participate, the three of us were there in spirit fighting for what John and many others have faced.

We thank you for including us in your mission and are touched to no end for the endless support John’s Foundation has given to us and many other families in trying times.

Looking forward to enjoying the morning at the Fourth Annual John Shapiro Superheroes 5K, this year together!

With much love,

Michael, Kristy, and Max Cassano