Gratitude from CHOP

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Dear Nancy,

We wanted to take this time to express our tremendous thanks to you in writing for the support of several of our PACT patients and families. Families receiving palliative care services usually have tremendous needs. Caregivers often need to be at their child’s beside 24/7. Your generous donations have allowed families to be with their children by helping them to pay their utility bills, put gas in their cars and put food on their tables.

We wish we could accurately describe the moment we let families know each donation would be coming. There were tears, smiles and mostly, visible relief from families in great need. Your contributions were so great, that the parents had a hard time believing it could be true. It brought energy to tired families and also to the staff that are providing care to them on a daily basis. We are reminded that there are truly good people that remain in this world.

We are tremendously thankful for your generous donations. We continue to be honored to support families in memory of your son, John. The breadth and meaning it has for families receiving pediatric palliative care services cannot be typed into words.


Dana Dombrowski, MSW, LSW
Social Worker
Pediatric Advanced Care Team
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia